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Update: Tues June 10:

The confirmed camp sites at Richardson camp are located in the camp section called Eagles Nest.

This is located on the opposite side of Route 89 as the lake.  

The site numbers reserved for our group allow 6 people per site in 2-3 tents and also 2 vehicles.

 Pre-reserved Camp Group Site Numbers are: 568, 569, 570, 571, 572, 573, 575, 586

Update: Monday June 9:

See Where to Stay section for campground information update including locations of sites we have reserved for the clubwagen treffen rally group. 

See the Schedule page for more new information on location of trail runs/rallies in regards to trailheads we will use as our starting point and the meet-up times for each run in the mornings. 

The "G-Treffen 2014" Overview  •• JUNE 12-15, 2014

We invite you and your family and friends to join us for a few lovely days at Lake Tahoe in California, USA.

Back in 2009 we held the 10th anniversary party of Clubgwagen at Tahoe with two well received off-road rallies and about 58 attendees from around the Americas.  

We hope to have an equally, yet different adventure this year! 

Again, this year involves a small not-for-profit fee of $70 per adult to cover the cost of camps and planning, off-road route pre-running, etc. 

Kids are most welcome and well behaved furry friends too.  

However please note that the Richardson Camp at Tahoe does not allow pets.  

If you plan to bring a pet you will need to either stay at a local cabin or camp down the road (there are places near, just ask)

There is no charge for children.   Pets are not a problem on the trail runs as long as you think its ok for them.


Friday Rally: The Rubicon Springs Challenge 

Location: Rubicon Trail Network, Western Shore Lake Tahoe, CA

Meeting time is 9am at the staging area.... Make sure you have water, and are fueled up and airing down to around 8-13 psi.

Meet at the Rubicon-McKinney Trail Staging Area located off Rubicon-Mckinney Rd., just East of Route 89 and Lake Tahoe in Tahoma, CA

The junction for Rubicon-Mckinney Rd. is located on Rte. 89 just south of "Chamberlands" and "Tahoe Ski Bowl / Homewood".

It is located just North of Tahoma market and village. 


Saturday Rally: Tahoe Rim Backcountry Tour

Location: Barker Pass / Blackwood Canyon / Kaspian trail network, Lake Tahoe, CA 

The meeting spot for this run will be at Camp Richardson with 9am departure Saturday morning.

The Second meeting spot for this run will be at the road that leads to the trailhead from Route 89.

The road we intend to take is called Barker Pass Road / Blackwood Canyon.  It also is the turn-off for a "Sno-Park" called Kaspian.

You will see signs for both coming Southbound on Rte. 89 just below Sunnyside, Tahoe City, CA or just North of Eagle Rock and a little bit further North of Homewood Ski Area.

 NOTE:  Please check this website for updates.   Mike and Dennis will pre-run this route on Thursday to make sure we can get thru and that all gates are open from the winter.   It has been lacking in snowfall and rain this year so it is most likely going to be fine.....however, just in case, check back here, and updates will be posted Thursday night as well as on 

The Camp for this year is a large campground set at the beach on Lake Tahoe's Southwestern Shore.


Please join us at Richardson camp starting on Friday night.  

 In your RSVP we will need to know which nights you would like to reserve a camp site for.    


Camp sites are shared between 2 vehicles and up to 6 people, so if there is someone you would like to camp with, let us know in advance and we will try to assign you a space together.


Sunday Hike to Waterfall: 

If enough interest, there is a place to drive about 8 minutes, and then hike 1 mile to a spectacular high elevation waterfall.






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